Why Are Some Citizens…

…so much more important than others? My heart breaks for her mother and family. I know I would be foaming at the mouth at the thought that someone could hurt the most precious thing in my life.
But now comes word that Senator Richard Shelby (AL) (in a FoxNews video) has spoken to Sec. Rice, the FBI Director and now the Sec. of the Navy (Fox says it has a copy of the letter), to ask for a deep diving team and ship to head on out to Aruba. Isn’t it enough that the Dutch government has F-16’s streaking over the island, flying ‘grid patterns’? Color me a cynic, but if her name was Tameka, it wouldn’t matter how much her mother ran her mouth. There wouldn’t be camera ONE around to cover it, less mind a Senator actively soliciting Federal help. (Though it does pay off handsomely in TV appearances for him.) I want to think that oh, say…Senator Nelson would do the same for me…or Tameka. But I think not.

Ask poor little Sasha Groene. She wandered through a convenience store, arms folded, staring into customers’ faces, her expression beseeching somebody, anybody, to recognise her and save her from the monster reading a paper by the front door. No one did. When was the last time you saw her pretty little face on TV? About 5 weeks ago. Was Greta Van Sustern traipsing the Idaho forests, interviewing Big Foots and Wookies, keeping us breathlessly up to date on every little international non-event? Never. That little girl and her brother dropped off the face of MSM as fast as Uncle Pussy off the stern with concrete overshoes in the Sopranos. (SO much off the radar that, when she was found, people went “oh, WHAT little girl?”) Thank God for an alert waitress, hours later, in damn near her home town.
The Navy sure doesn’t get mobilized to look for anyone in my neighborhood either, less mind taking a Caribbean cruise. If the squid terrorist next door was a little late getting home from grouper fishing in the Gulf, the Coast Guard and volunteers would do their damndest for days, but eventually call the search off. The last time I saw the Navy called out to search for a citizen, his name was JFK, Jr.

The White House “situation room” was alerted. Federal transportation officials swung into action, and sophisticated military equipment was brought to the waters off Martha’s Vineyard. Several Clinton administration cabinet members, including the secretary of defense, were rousted from their beds.
The same amount of effort would have been expended for an average citizen*,” said Capt. Sandy Troeber of the Air Force’s rescue coordination center in Virginia. “Every life is as important as the next.”

*Right. Only as long as you’re a well off pretty blonde/brunette college student or ‘American Royalty’ citizen. I got a sinking feeling me and Tameka are on our own, while the squid terrorist would be backstroking beachward by his lone self.

6 Responses to “Why Are Some Citizens…”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    It is a complete waste of government money and whorish political grandstanding by Shelby (and Fox/CNN as well, etc). I feel awful for the family, but this is ridiculous.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Argh. What is up with the posting?

  3. Bill McCabe says:

    Forget about Tameka, if she were as white as can be, but fat and ugly, the national media wouldn’t have mentioned the case.

  4. Nightfly says:

    Why did this monstrous creature get indulgence and treatment for his crimes until that blessed judge tossed him in the hoosegow in ’82? For 14 years the world had some peace. I daresay that he himself had some, once kept away from his source of potential victims.
    That’s the thing criminal rights agitators don’t always get – besides the justice of the punishment, going to jail may be the best thing that ever happens to some of these criminals. Even that small scrap of good is taken from them when serious offenders are offered leniency and misguided compassion.

  5. You are so right, Bill. (Which is why I included my middle aged self.) The Navy’s not coming for any of us. Knowing that, I am really, really sick of the name Holloway. It’s right up there with the tragedy du jour of yesteryear, Chandra Levy. How many people went missing in D.C. during the time Fox, NBC et al, were droning about that case? Well, who would know since they never reported it.

  6. Faith says:

    Years ago, a little girl was killed by her adopted father- some creepy lawyer- I forget his name. His girlfriend was a case, too- he had repeatedly beaten her over the years. They had also illegally adopted a baby boy, who was rescued. The mother of the murdered girl was not a super-model type, and was basically ignored and treated with a certain amount of disdain even tho she had no idea that the child she gave up for adoption was illegally adopted and abused. The mother of the boy, who reclaimed her child, had the lovely nails and hair and was well-to-do… she got a lot of respect and was treated like a china doll. Seemed as tho Geraldo and others focused a lot more on the photogenic unwed teen than the mother of the child that was actually murdered. Was that Joel and Hedda, and I think the little girl was Lisa…?

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