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FBI: Muslims detained at stadium weren’t profiled

EAST RUTHERFORD, New Jersey (AP) — Five Muslim football fans were detained and questioned during a game at Giants Stadium because they were congregating near an air duct on a night former President Bush was in the stadium, the FBI said Wednesday.
Some of the Muslims said they did not know they were in a sensitive area, and they complained that they were subjected to racial profiling while they were praying, as their faith requires five times a day.

First off, once again there is this seeming conflation of ‘race’ and ‘religion’, which drives me nuts to no end. Secondly, a bunch of RoPers getting together in a packed stadium where a former President of the US was? Hello?
Anyone congregating there should have been detained and questioned, as these folks were, but, sorry, especially RoPers. Too many things have exploded in their wakes around the world of late.

“We do not profile anyone that comes into our arena, stadium or racetrack on any basis,” said George Zoffinger, president of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, which operates the stadium. “There was no profiling of our customers. I want to make that clear.”

I’d feel safer if you did.

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