Wife Murders Marine…

Because he wouldn’t let her get a boob job:

Prosecutors are seeking the extradition of a woman in Florida accused of poisoning her husband — a Marine sergeant — and then using his life insurance to pay for breast enhancement and a libertine lifestyle.
Sommer’s neighbor on the Miramar base told the investigators that after Todd Sommer’s death, his wife threw a series of loud parties and showed the results of her breast augmentation, which had cost $5,400.

How horrible for him…arsenic ain’t pretty.

5 Responses to “Wife Murders Marine…”

  1. Cullen says:

    I think they should turn her over to her former husband’s unit for punishment. I’m sure they could handle the issue. The military does take care of their own.

  2. Ah, but the payback’s gonna be. She would have gotten off scot free if she hadn’t started the whoopin’ and hollerin’ quite so quickly. All that New Orleans style mourning got NCIS to wonderin’, so they’re the ones that have been quietly pushing the investigation forward these past 3 years. Had to be a nasty surprise for her. ::snicker:: Couldn’t happen to a nicer or more deserving girl.

  3. Crusader says:

    Can they have them removed to pay back the insurance company?

  4. Nightfly says:

    Heheheheheh, Crusader. Nice.
    Yeah, hang her high. Or force her to room with Lynndie.

  5. Excellent, little brother of the rapier sharp wit! EXCELLENT!!

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