Will Someone Please Eat This Man And Shut Him Up

This has got to be the most disgusting, vile, and scurilous post yet about the horror that is New Orleans:

It is reported that black hurricane victims in New Orleans have begun eating corpses to survive. Four days after the storm, thousands of blacks in New Orleans are dying like dogs. No-one has come to help them.
I am a sixty-four year old African-American.
New Orleans marks the end of the America I strove for.
I am hopeless. I am sad. I am angry against my country for doing nothing when it mattered.
This is what we have come to. This defining watershed moment in America’s racial history. For all the world to witness. For those who’ve been caused to listen for a lifetime to America’s ceaseless hollow bleats about democracy. For Christians, Jews and Muslims at home and abroad. For rich and poor. For African-American soldiers fighting in Iraq. For African-Americans inside the halls of officialdom and out.
My hand shakes with anger as I write. I, the formerly un-jaundiced human rights advocate, have finally come to see my country for what it really is. A monstrous fraud.
But what can I do but write about how I feel. How millions, black like me, must feel at this, the lowest moment in my country’s story.
Randall Robinson is a social
justice advocate and author
whose works include The Debt –
What America Owes to Blacks

What a complete asshole, who is inciting the most vile racial hate.
For shame, sir. For shame.
And use your head, asshat: go kill a cow, let it sit in 95º weather for 4 days, and see if you’re tempted by the cowpaccio.
(hat-tip to the Blogfaddah)

One Response to “Will Someone Please Eat This Man And Shut Him Up”

  1. Crusader says:

    I read that just before I left work, and just couldn’t believe it. Has anyone of these people sat back and thought this thru? Let’s see, nearly 3/4 of the population was non-white, and almost all the people I have seen in pictures who are still stranded are non-white, so just WhoTF do they think is doing the looting, shooting and raping of the non-whites? I just wonder sometimes…..

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