You’ve Got To Love Rummy

Via Tim, this interview is a thing of beauty:

JIM LEHRER: Also, you told reporters this morning that, assuming the Dec. 15 elections in Iraq go well, that the U.S. can start drawing down forces. Tell me what you mean and give us some numbers on this.
DONALD RUMSFELD: I think what you meant to say, Jim, was that you read reports that I said that to reporters, as opposed to what I actually said…
…JIM LEHRER: All right, now the figure that was mentioned in the story that I was reading from or quoting from said you used the figure, somebody used the figure in the discussion with you early today of 137,000 — I mean 130,000 maybe shortly after the 137,000 — no?
DONALD RUMSFELD: I said nothing like that.

Read it all. It’s a beautiful schmackdown after schmackdown.

5 Responses to “You’ve Got To Love Rummy”

  1. Oh my God, what a hoot!

    And they do it about every six months. And you know something, some day they’re going to have a scoop and be right by accident.

  2. Emily says:

    Ugh. Jim Lehrer is a boring, overly earnest ass. The only PBS figure I can think of that I hate more is Charlie Rose.

  3. Lisa says:

    A Rummy press conference is my favorite thing ever. He has SUCH contempt for the press and can hardly keep it in. Sometimes you can see it oozing from his pores.
    I love it. And him.

  4. Emily says:

    Me too. He’s such a straight shooter and doesn’t play any BS games when it comes to the press. They learned pretty quick not to ask him skewed politically biased questions when he simply replied “I’m not going to answer that.”
    He is the best.

  5. Kit says:

    What’s not to love? He’s the Kung Fu Master extraordinaire.
    Rummy-San, Lord Rove and Big Dick=Moonbat kryptonite.

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