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Sounds Like a Pete Seger Song…

On a more sobering military note, an amazing piece appears in this month’s Marine Corps Gazette‘s ‘Commentary on the Corps’ section (unavailable on the web, more’s the pity). I say amazing but mean bold, ballsy, forthright, completely unvarnished and ‘holy crap, can’t wait to see the letters to the editor next month‘ amazing. It’s a scathing assessment titled “Where Have All the Colonels Gone? ~ Are colonels transformed when assigned to HQMC*?” and written by the incredibly courageous LtCol Peter T. Gaynor, USMC.
Arriving at HQMC one month before September 11th, he chronicles his disillusionment with the politics of self preservation that has it’s cold fingers wrapped around the senior officers of today’s PC military.

“For those unfamiliar with the structure and organization of HQMC, lieutenant generals are the Deputy Commandants for departments (Plans, Policies, and Operations; Programs and Resources; etc.), brigadier generals lead divisions (operations, logistics plans, etc.) and colonels lead branches (requirements(operations), logistics operations and sustainment centers, etc.). Majors and lieutenants colonels are the action officers who keep the big machine running. The “beltway colonels” are tasked to generate the fire and man the tiller of the colossal beast called HQMC.”

He speaks of the regard and respect colonels are held in, considered “the senators of our Corps” and how he fully expected to be both inspired and in awe of actually being exposed to the movers and shakers at the top ~ having the rare opportunity to run with the big dogs.

“…yet something strange has happened here at headquarters I did not expect. Somewhere between command and assignment to HQMC, the majority of Marine colonels seemed to have lost their way. For some seemingly unknown reason these colonels appear to wallow in indecisiveness, foot dragging and, in some cases, incompetence.”

…”They have become an obstacle where once they were standard bearers.”

*Headquarters Marine Corps, Washington, D.C.

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The Boys in Blue Are Back in Town

Woo hoo! That annual Spring rite of passage ~ the return of the Navy Blue Angels ~ to NAS Pensacola, FL has been completed and their spiffy ‘lawn darts’ (F/A-18 Hornets, for fighter types) are parked safely on the tarmac at Sherman Field. That means, come next Tuesday (and every Tues/Weds morning thereafter ’til fall, rock ON!), they will be roaring over the house and shaking the plates off the wall. Man oh MAN, it’s shit HOT (Sierra Hotel in polite company) to live here.
My favorite Blues Photo for those who haven’t seen it yet. Makes me cry everytime. (And the UAW can kiss my ever lovin’, lily white…well, you get it.)
**There’s also a special on the Discovery Channel tonight at 10 p.m. EST (check your local listings {8^P) called A Year in the Life:The Blue Angels ~ Becoming Blue I have no idea if it’s a treacley mess or bitchin’ documentary, but might well be worth takin’ a peek at.
***UPDATE: I lied ~ They’re over the house RIGHT NOW!!! Woooo Hooooooo!!!!!

Well, the GENIUS in Charge of the UAW…

…has sounded retreat and offered the branch of olives to the Marines, rescinding his ‘no parking’ order. The Marines have acknowledged the gesture and, with their characteristic acumen in the face of adversity, considering all available courses of action and with grace under fire…

Wounded by what they consider an unpatriotic ambush, the Marines rejected the union’s olive branch and secured an alternative parking lot.

…said ‘up yours’.
*Update: I see Blackfive is fired up and on top of all things military, as usual. Ditto Michelle Malkin.
***ANOTHER UPDATE: Maybe the UAW shouldn’t be such smug BAStards ! when the product sucks. A little good will goes a long way.

Yet Another Satisfied Customer!

Andrea got hers; don’t you feel left out? Tell a Swampy to Sod Off! today, and help a town that was harmed by the environment.
I love how ironic irony can be sometimes.

Bill Has Great News

Bill has great news which he coyly hides down the list.
[ques up Queen] thump-thump-THUMP
Another one bites the dust-ah

The Union Label? Or Libel?

Sheesh, I was gonna vacuum the dump, but then Major Dad had to spoil all those good intentions with an email. With a headline like this:

Marines driven out of UAW lot
The union says Marines in foreign cars, displaying Bush stickers unwelcome.

And I can’t leave well enough alone and have to click through. As I often call Bingster and Major Dad, but seldom mean it (really!):
Okay, back to our irregularly scheduled elbow grease.
*Note: Nothing like pissed off Jarheads for getting the word out ~ Marine Corps scuttlebutt enabled us to scoop even Drudge by a healthy time frame.

What if the Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home?

As would seem to have been the case in the horrific Atlanta courthouse shootings.

Video captures attack
A video camera, which is supposed to be monitored by two guards in a command post, shows Nichols and the deputy arriving in the holding area between two courtrooms, according to a law enforcement official who saw the tape. The video shows Hall guiding Nichols, whose hands are still handcuffed behind his back, into one of two open cells.
Hall releases one cuff and turns Nichols around to unhook the remaining cuff. But the muscular, 33-year-old Nichols then lunges at Hall, knocking the petite, 51-year-old grandmother backward into another cell. Both disappear from camera view. Two to three minutes later, Nichols emerges from the cell, holding Hall’s gun belt and police radio. He picks up her keys from the floor and locks her in the cell.
A few minutes later, he emerges in civilian clothes. He locks the door behind him and calmly walks out of the holding area, carrying the gun belt, according to the official who saw the tape.

Please note: that was ‘the official who saw the tape. Not the law enforcement types whose job is monitoring the tape.
Not the law enforcement types who let him damn near kill one of their own under their very noses. Oh, wait. Duh. Their noses would have had to have been at their appointed place of duty for it to happen ‘under’ them. The explanation should be interesting.

A New Blog For The List

Courtesy of Chrenkoff I’ve found out there’s a new blog on the beat: Jihadpundit. Go read it, and wish him the best.

Something To Eat With A Nice Zinfandel

Here’s a one-pan recipe (well, technically two, but the rice doesn’t count…much) for chicken cooked with a curried tomato sauce.
A Bingley Original™

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Holy Sheet !!

For those of you who think there isn’t enough government intrusion in our lives, I offer this little gem Major Dad found in our daily Fish Wrap. Now appearing, to our utter constipa consternation, on the web, for the whole freakin’ world to see.
That extra squeeze is gonna cost you big time. Bingley’s Road Rage Marauder has nothin’ on this.

Bingley’s a Handsome Devil

I’ll give you that. Strong jaw – dwarfy, compact frame. Incredible eye for color, too.

Giuliana Sgrena Saga Syndrome

…appears to be spreading, or is, at the very least, contagious.

A French judge placed Continental Airlines under judicial investigation on Thursday for “involuntary homicide and injuries” in the Concorde crash which killed 113 people near Paris in 2000. A Continental lawyer denied the U.S. airline bore any responsibility. But an official report last December blamed the accident on a metal strip that fell off a Continental Airlines jet, causing a tire on the supersonic airliner to burst.

It seems it’s not the government funded, perpetually subsidised, inherently problematic and dangerous design that’s responsible:

civil aviation authorities banned the world’s only civilian supersonic airliner from the skies because of mounting evidence of profound structural errors in the original design.

To blame is what we used to call ‘TFOA‘ (um, Things Falling Off Aircraft ~ in it’s most hilarious assignment, the blue ice expelled from the onboard lavatories), an especially handy excuse when it fell from an airliner with an American flag. In spite of the fact that their inferior product was brought down by a flaw already noted and not corrected (which pretty much constitutes negligence in my book). Bits and pieces (FOD in the aviation vernacular or ‘foreign object damage’) on the runway is an all-too-common result of the jarring any airliner has to be able to withstand: both it falling off and it being run over. There will be some way they can twist this into ‘our fault’, trust me. Just throw your hands up now, Mr. Ambassador. They’re probably dialing your number as I write this. Let’s toss Princess Diana and Dodi in while we’re at it. That will at least shut his old man up.

“Ick” With A Capital “I”

I’m sorry, but this (warning! Ickyickyicky link ahead!) little bastard should be charged with a hell of a lot more than “disturbing the peace”.

Cross Off Another One

Another one bites the dust……

IKEA: Sexist Pig-Dogs

I dunno, but this is one of those “what the…” stories. Firstly, a swedish company only has men or “cartoon figures whose sex is unclear” (for which I for one am thankful) shown putting together its furniture…and the Prime Minister of Norway feels that he has to comment? So much for those Scandanavian bastions of social equality. And the Ikea spokesman (and why not “spokes person“??) defends it by saying “We have to take account of cultural factors. In Muslim countries it’s problematic to use women in instruction manuals.”
Problematic“? Many of them treat their dogs better than they treat women, and Ikea is concerned about “offending” the poor devils by showing a woman with a screwdriver? Screw them.
Ikea’s stuff sucks anyway.

More Lefty Road Rage

Another Florida lefty comes unhinged behind the wheel. Hmm, maybe Jeb ought to look into this…

Viking Fantasies

Yup. That’s exactly how it happened. How did he know?

Hey Buddy! Can You Spare a Dime?

The Cincinnati Reds are for sale. I don’t have enough on hand to cover the purchase. So please send along your spare couch change or, as Junior in Long Gone puts it: “(Major) Daddy and me cain’t be baseball moguls no more.”

2 Items in the Local Fish Wrap This Morning…

…caught my eye. At first glance they seem markedly dissimilar but, paired with a piece of paper found on our doorstep, therein lies one single recurring theme. The first is about a young lady whose sweet, radiant, 16 year old face beams alongside the soulless print noting the circumstances of her tragic death.

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Being Teresa Heinz

In response to Nightfly’s brilliant post below:

I hope someone fisks this crap. “Ultraconservative” bishops refusing Kerry communion? Since when is it ultraconservative to actually take a stand in favor of something the whole Church teaches? Or to insist on Catholic doctrine on Sunday? I hear stuff like this and I sound like the end of “The Right Profile” – gkkkknnn… grbblbllb… thppht wwrrrraaaaaah!
It’s Teresa Heinz Kerry, honey!

(which gets my vote as “Best Comment” so far in the month+ history of the Coalition) I present the following humble attempt.

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She’s Baaaaaack!

Oh sweet baby jeebus please no more from Tuh-ray-zuh.
Repeat after me: You. Lost.
Why is this so difficult to accept?

The Rachel Corrie Award

I wasn’t aware that such a thing existed, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Eugene Volokh reports that one

Matthew Abraham, assistant professor of English at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, is the recipient of the 2005 Rachel Corrie Award for Courage in the Teaching of Writing.

“Courage in the Teaching of Writing”. Roll that around on your tongue for a bit. I wasn’t aware that it was such a hazardous profession. “Take care Jones! Those mis-placed modifiers are loaded for bear!”
It seems his nomination was bulldozed through by none other than Noam Chomsky, who said

“Abraham not only organized the symposium, but was also its guiding participant. The leading themes were topics that particularly concerned Edward Said–and Rachel Corrie. That takes a good deal of courage in the public domain in the US, including an academic setting. It includes extremes of abuse and vilification, and for younger people, threats to possible appointment; and in fact more direct threats, including death threats, many taken seriously by police on campuses and in communities….Abraham handled all of this with skill, care, sympathetic understanding, and admirable courage. The same has been true of other initiatives of his in defense of freedom of speech and academic freedom, and of suffering people. It is an admirable record, one of which, I am confident, Rachel Corrie would have very much approved, as I do, very much….In brief, I cannot think of a more worthy candidate.”

Who knew Chomsky was a deconstructionist?

Wonder Woman

After reading the latest version of the Giuliana Sgrena saga, all I can say is Lynda Carter had nothin’ on this chick. Why, we learn that even though she faced, according to her fellow il Manifesto columnist Rossana Rossanda (who I believe must be related to noted American journalist Roseanne Roseannadanna)

“arrogant Yankee roughnecks, beardless and/or whisky-soused, complying with the “American maxim, ‘shoot first, ask questions later?,’ and obeying without objection the order ‘when those Italians arrive, eliminate them’”

and Sgrena’s kind hearted Merry Men of Mosul told her,

“the Americans don’t want you to go back,” adding her own comment that they – the Americans again – “don’t want our work to show what Iraq has become with the war, despite the so-called elections.”

even though her

car was hit by “400 bullets, a storm of projectiles”

she managed to dodge most of them even as they were flying and falling all about her, for

she personally picked “handfuls of bullets” off the seat.

Yes, due to her brave actions and timely use of her magic bracelets only one poor soul died in this tragic accident, and Giuliana is doing all she can to have his memory replaced with her agenda.
(hat tip to LGF)

Acknowledgement is the first phase of recovery, right?

My name is Sister. I am an addict and THIS is the face of evil…

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