Maundy Thursday

This is always a night that induces melancholy. The stripping of the vestments from the altar. The singing of “Christ We Do All Adore Thee” as the lights are turned out in the sanctuary.
Judges in Florida enjoying a nice steak diner while Terri Schiavo starves to death.

And you thought that USS Enterprise on Ebat was impressive…

This is a work of art. Oh, if I only had the room…
This is also a cool bit of work, and I may have to attempt one to go with my OV-10 and the F-8U that is a work in progress…

Gorezilla ~We Have the Technology, We Can Rebuild Him

Jurassic Park for real

The Long Cold Fingers of PC Strike Again…

TOKYOA tussle has broken out in Japan’s tradition-bound sumo world over the right to wear pants in the ring.

Please Joe! Say it ain’t so.

There’s No Place Like Home…

…and now the Homeowners’ Association can’t sell it out from under him.

Court: Marine can’t be forced to sell home
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — A retired Marine who has waged a five-year fight with his homeowners’ association over a flag pole won a battle Wednesday when an appeals court ruled his home can’t be sold for lawyers’ fees.

In a 3-0 decision, the appeals court agreed with George Andres, and his wife, Anna, that the Florida Constitution protects homes from forced sales except in very limited circumstances – and attorneys’ fees are not on the list.

The Best Laid Schemes Gang Aft Agley

Or maybe I should call this “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.”
A coworker whose son is autistic related the story of a local minor league ballpark that had a special event for autistic kids. Very low admission, autographs on the field, cheap hot dogs, that sort of wholesome family stuff. A great day was had and appreciated by all…until, that is, they got to the end of the game and the team decided to end the day with a fireworks display. Baaaaaad idea.

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USS San Francisco

Hitting a rock at 35 mph can certainly ruin your day.
And your career.
Strategy Page has some interesting thoughts on this; I particularly like the custom of naming these undersea objects after the ships that “discover” them…


…there’s a finger in my chili…
*Update: You knew there had to be more, right? The search is on
“All employees’ digits were accounted for, officials said, adding that the well-cooked finger may have come from a food processing plant that supplies the company…”

Speaking of My Little Brother Crusader…

…crawling around the living room floor being Hornblower, he wants this. But I have to wait and see if Bill wants it first. If not, please send Crusader large amounts of cash in small denominations and make him weep with joy. (Actually, cry like a little girlieman, y’know?)

Jutland: One Of The Greatest Games Ever

Bill has been on quite a tear of late with his “Name That Ship” series of posts, and has provided a lot of fun for us history buffs (though I do prefer the term “buff historians”). It reminded me of one of my favorite games of all time: Jutland, which was published by Avalon Hill in the late 60s.
For you young whipper-snappers out there, in its day AH was simply the best. There were no such things as video games, let alone home computers. AH basically invented military board games using hexagonal grids for movement. And this was in the days before D&D was invented (I got one of the early D&D sets in 1978).

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Warning! Religious Musings Ahead!

It’s sad when you feel that any mention of religion has to be caveated. Or maybe it’s indicative of a weakness (one of many) on my part. But anyway, so tomorrow’s Maundy Thursday. My church’s choir is performing Fauré’s Requiem during the service tomorrow night (8 pm, if you’re in the neighborhood).
While we’ve been rehearsing these past few weeks I’ve been thinking about the place of religion in my life. What with the Schiavo disaster bursting out on the airwaves this week, and with this thoughtful post from Sharon still bouncing about inside my besotted head, these thoughts have taken up a lot of processing time, and I can’t say that I’ve come to any ground-breaking answers yet, either.

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BANANA in Your Pocket Mel? Or Just Glad to See Me…

As the token resident treehuggingGreenpeacer/embracerofallthingsMiddleEarth/pinkocommieliberal, I feel compelled by the forces of fairness and logic (in my world, two mutually exclusive terms) to break with my earth mother principles. I noticed the other day, after the cats ‘n dogs, back and forth ANWR brouhaha, that

Minutes after the 51-49 vote, Martinez* announced that the Bush administration had agreed to respect the current moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico off Florida’s coast until 2012.

I felt a little twinge of guilt and read the story. It makes wonderful PR for the new guy, because Florida is the latest adherent to the BANANA or Build Absolutely Nothing Absolutely Near Anything Principle (California having pioneered and perfected the stragedy**), of course everybody loves a manly ‘“I wanted to make sure that my vote for ANWR would in no way weaken Florida’s protection from offshore drilling, but indeed would strengthen it,” Martinez said‘ kinda sound bite and those oil rigs off the coast of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi do look like shit and our beaches are white, for God’s sake…
But I put gas in my car, too. As a matter of fact, Florida uses one helluva alot of gas.
*Update: Exactly the sort of refinery accident I spoke about, but oh my gosh, how awful!
**Sheesh, I can predict the future…from CNBC
But with gasoline futures still hovering near record levels, following an explosion at one of BP’s largest refineries that heightened fears about available supplies heading into the peak summer driving season, stocks have failed to move aggressively higher

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So Quit Already

“Everybody’s picking on me” whined Barry Bonds yesterday.
So do us all a favor and quit, you cheating bastard. And take every other cheating bastard with you.
UPDATE: I see Bill has a post up on this already. And I friggin’ love how he only referes to him as “Barry Bonds*”. Hahahahahaha!

Scandal Rags, Indeed…

“Owww look, Chuckles! It’s Bingley’s new cover! I very much fancy me a piece of cod after that.”

“It’s brilliant, CamCam! Stunning cheek…bones, eh what? Yes, you’re right…dashed fancy cod piece and all that.”
Via gentle genius Longmire and his brilliant readers, thanks to the Insta god.

Correlation Is Not Causation

Diet soda causes obesity. Since you only ever see fat people drinking it, the proof is clear.
Our audience is encouraged to provide other examples of this logic.

On This Anniversiary of GWII

I’d like to revisit that famous Jarhead PhotoShop job. You know…the one I sent to everybody? With the Iraqi kids holding a sign up that read: ‘LCpl Schmuck killed my father and knocked up my sister‘? I got an updated one today. A little more timely, a little better done and a whole lot easier to believe.

The Real Problem Facing The West

Mark Steyn has, as always, a brilliant column up today talking about how the lowering birth rates in western countries are at the core of many of the problems staring at us. Go read it, think about it…and crack open an extra bottle of wine with your beloved this weekend.
(hat tip to Chrenkoff)

A Swill Exclusive!

Upon hearing that there were tapes of Guantanamo Bay torture our intrepid reporter began digging, and we can now confirm their existence!
You heard it here first, folks.

What Liberal Media?

The Editor of Playgirl was fired after admitting she voted Republican.
Well, I’m sad. Thanks to Ken’s efforts she gave me my big break…

Dear, We’re Out Of Candy…

How about a stick of gum?
“Double your pleasure with DoubleMint gum…”


But what struck us about this as we were talking about it last night ( well, struck my bride, really, because she’s the smart one) is the cowardice of it. Your wife is inconvenient? She’s a burden? Stop feeding her, and let nature take it’s course. No responsibility to you, my friend.
You want her dead, Mr. Sciavo? You think it’s ok, Judge?
Then you guys should have to use a gun and put her out of her misery quickly and compassionately, instead of taking the coward’s way out and starving her. Get the blood on your hands, where it belongs.

Well, If There’s Any Good Out Of This

It’s that it has gotten a lot of couples across the country talking about living wills and what they want done if they are in a similar situation. Talk about it. Write it down.

Andrea On Terri Schiavo

You ought to read it.
As in go now.

Well, If Pyongyang Thinks He’s Scum…

Then Bolton’s got my vote.


I’m sorry for the dearth of posts this week (but you may not be…); work has raised it’s ugly head.

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