We Taught Them A Lesson In 1918

And they’ve hardly bothered us since then

Someone doesn’t like the knight in shining armor being Teutonic

A good reminder every time you hear government officials complain about those bothersome elections.

Day! Of! Action!

At 5:30 there are far far more cops and media types about than Occupiers. Broadway is solid media trucks and police vehicles.

What a PITA.

Exciting! Action! Update!

Just look at the protest!

Power to the People!

I wonder if the cops who parked on the sidewalks gave them selves tickets?

Quote Of The Day

When asked about his recent loss to George Foreman and whether Foreman switched styles to beat him Joe Frazier replied

“You ask me how well did he fight, well I don’t know but I can tell you one thing: he punched good.”

And I love the young Mod Squad Bill Cosby sitting there smoking a stogie and Jack Benny trying to decide if he’d rather get hit by Frazier if it would guarantee he’d give a great show later.

Also, what a graceful and humble man Joe was…and how when ever Cavett asks him “did you hear from Ali?” he says “no, I never heard from Clay.” Ha!

These are great

I’ve got them in reverse order, ‘cos I’m a dope, so watch this last one first.

TV used to be really entertaining.

As Rosie-Fingered Dawn Rises Above Zucchini Park

and spreads her golden hues across the now scrubbed granite, there is a joy, a freshness in the air.

Oh, and I saw maybe four Occupiers standing around.

Surrounded by 50 cops and probably 15 news folks of various stripes.

Like Attar

All the tents were cleared and a heavy smell of disinfectant lingered in the air.

…of roses, I’m sure.

Owed What The Greeks Can Earn

(recently discovered in the papers of John Maynard Keats)

What still unravish’d source of high finance
What orphan born of riots and bank runs
Breathless correspondent reports thus perchance
De-leveraging and haircuts have begun;
What green-backed zephyrs haunt about thy shape
A lira, drachma or sterling
In Brussels or the Berlin borough
What specie does back these? Dreams unfurling
As ledgers slip, the struggle to escape
The iron grip of Arcadian Euro

Earned benefits are sweet,but those unearned
Kick sweet ass; therefore, ye soft heads, pay on!
Not out of prudence, such lessons not learned
Exchequers getting stiffed on ev’ry loan.
Fair youth, beneath the tree, thou canst not leave
Thy rest, nor ever can those hands labor
Bold Student, never never shouldst thou lift
Thy finger; work is beneath Thee. Credit receive
For life experience; our heroes bereft
Of earthly treasure but not its vapor

No bunga-bunga romps, no clothes were shed
but still we bid our Golden Fall adieu!
And Drumming Occupy-er, still well-fed
Evicted (twinkles!) under curfew;
More stimulus, more happy happy rules
“Recovery Summer” a Med cruise
Part Odysseus and part Love Boat
A vapid vessel; vassals played for fools;
Street scenes acted out on the ev’ning news
Whilst mid-40s retirees seek a scapegoat

Who are these kneeling to be sacrificed?
On what Green altar, O mysterious priest,
Pour’st Thou libations of public debt, priced
For losses (while donors’ ledgers e’er increased);
Each little town, be they sleepy or wake
All poorly-built atop tomorrow’s debt
Emptied dreams can’t be filled with monies loaned
Such little towns with pensions at stake
Will defaulted be; not a dime collect
And close ranks with the Legion of the Boned.


Elizabeth Windsor

Goodness, look at the time. #ginoclock

17 minutes ago

For Bingley and Wall Street

In Their Own Words

Who am I to argue with Joe Biden and Bob Menendez?

I believe him, and every word he says is true. Corzine’s plan worked as well for the country as it did for NJ.

A huge h/t to Breitbart.

Does Mass Have The Death Penalty?

I’m sure THS will say it applies in this case

CANTON (CBS) – They have terrorized communities throughout the Boston area for months now, breaking into Dunkin’ Donuts stores overnight and stealing thousands of dollars. Now two brothers are under arrest and will be facing a judge.

The brothers, identified as 37-year-old Peter Wallace, of Dorchester, and 33-year-old Wayne Wallace, of Quincy, were arrested over the weekend and arraigned on Monday. Police say they’ve been on the run for more than a year after hitting up more than 30 Dunkin’ Donuts locations.

Heartless bastards.

Just Because

I never tire of this.

They sing this as my choir does, at the tempo originally written. Crisp, pure, beautiful.

Brings me to tears every time.

What’s The Old Saying About “Showing Your Hand”?

The Occupiers who announced they were “shutting down Wall Street” on this coming Thursday got a bit of a rude surprise at 1:30 am this morning when the cops in full riot gear moved in and politely escorted all the guests out of the park. I just got off the bus right there and there are hundreds of cops milling about whilst sanitation folks go about the un-enviable task of scrubbing out Feceville.

And the Occupiers?

Hundreds of them with sad mopey faces standing about on the other side of the barriers looking like lost little sheep.

Very very dirty little sheep.

Update: a lady just came in the office with a big smile on her face: “A great day! They’re cleaning the place up!”

What a H8TR!

Just a Note, Bingley

Occupy Wall Street has just announced they’re going to SHUT DOWN Wall Street Thursday.

Bring a raincoat, I guess, for flying feces, etc.

UPDATE: Here’s the “official” line, augmenting blurb I heard at work on Cavuto:

Protesters hope to shut down Wall Street on Thursday — home to the New York Stock Exchange — by holding a street carnival to mark the two-month anniversary of their campaign against economic inequality.

Protest organizers acknowledged that the “day of action” could be the group’s most provocative yet, and could lead to mass arrests and further strain relations with city authorities.

“I think we’re certainly going into this with our eyes wide open, but (the march is) to provoke ideas and discussion, not to provoke any violent reactions,” said Occupy Wall Street spokesman Ed Needham.

“I think it is very difficult to do a day of action and not expect some sort of reaction from the (authorities),” he said.

The protesters plan to march to Wall Street from their camp headquarters in a park two blocks away and then spread out across the city’s subway system to tell the stories of disenfranchised Americans. They will reconvene later on Thursday for a march across the Brooklyn Bridge.

And Thank YOU Yet Again, Mr. President

The Canadians are talking to China about all that oil we don’t want.

Keystone XL Pipeline: Canada Eyes Asia After U.S. Delays Project

There aren’t words to describe how I feel about this douchey, jug-earred little weasel…well, there ARE, but I’m trying not to outdo Ace.

Go Juice!

You wouldn’t like me when I’m Mossad

Iran missile development commander killed in explosion
An explosion at a Revolutionary Guard base in Iran killed a senior commander in charge of the country’s missile development programme, the authorities have said, prompting speculation Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service was involved.

Brigadier General Hassan Moghaddam was said to be “responsible for industrial research aimed at ensuring self-sufficiency of the Revolutionary Guards’ armaments”, a coded way of confirming reports that he was responsible for its missile inventory.

The authorities claimed the explosion was caused by an accident which happened as ammunition was being moved, but the high-profile status of its main victim will add to speculation that it was an act of sabotage aimed at the country’s nuclear weapons programme.

Thank god someone’s got some stones.

How Very Cool

…She seemed to me to be so humble and honest… Very cool. She also simultaneously seemed like she was nervous about the whole evening and if I was going to enjoy myself. “Are you ok?” she asked 2 or 3 times. “I hope you are having fun. I know you will once my crew of friends get here to the table.” I have to tell you, it’s not every day that I meet a 23 year old girl and she’s more worried about if I’m having fun or if I’m comfortable! It hit me all of a sudden that these were the type of people that look after us and our freedom… Humble, concerned for others before themselves…

This was the type of person our Marine Corps was building. I was really blown away.

Justin Timberlake goes to the Ball.

It’s a lovely report.

And Don’t Anybody ~ I’m Talking to YOU, Suzette ~ Worry About Sweet Little Chelsea Clinton

…in case her husband leaves her or Mommy looses her current gig.

She’s been hired as a full-time special correspondent for NBC News.

I’ve never heard the chica say two words, but there ya go.

Taking Out

the trash.

A Tour Of Fukushima

Talk about unsung heroes: the workers struggling to get this plant contained

Conditions inside the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan remain grim and shambolic eight months after the site was devastated by an earthquake and tsunami, according to the first journalists allowed inside since the disaster.

If you are the praying type you have to wish them gods speed as they work there. Those guys have been there for, what, eight months now, constantly bombarded by radiation.


(thanks to Hello Kitty for decorating the bus used on the tour)

Our Biggest Cheerleader

…was at it again today.

“We’ve been a little bit lazy over the last couple of decades,” President Obama said. “We’ve kind of taken for granted — ‘Well, people would want to come here’ — and we aren’t out there hungry, selling America and trying to attract new businesses into America.”

Oh, he just makes me want to get up off my fat, lazy, underachieving ass and follow him right off the cliff he’s leading us over.

Yes sir, yes sir, he sure enough does.

Well, he would if only we didn’t suck so bad, I mean.

I Got Called “Hateful” For This Joke, But Here It Goes Regardless…

Why can’t you tell Joe Biden knock-knock jokes?

Because he keeps getting up to answer the door

…because I have proof to back it up.

There ya go. Laugh your asses off guilt free.

Not that you weren’t anyway.

Seems Like the Neighbors

have had it.

Small Business Owners Fight Back Against Occupy Wall Street

Small business owners and local residents fed up with the “Occupiers” at Zuccotti Park in New York City are planning a counterprotest and news conference of their own Monday, to make clear the crowd has long overstayed its welcome — and that businesses will not survive if the “occupation” continues.

…In recent days, shopkeepers, restaurant owners and others with small businesses located near Zuccotti Park have been quietly meeting to share stories of the damage they say has been caused by Occupy Wall Street: theft of property, vandalism, threats, violence and even incidents involving the throwing of fecal matter.

The flyers were printed out by a 46-year-old unemployed teacher named Leslie who has spearheaded the counterprotest efforts. She asked her last name not be used out of concern the protesters would retaliate against her, and that her involvement in the counterprotest might negatively affect her job search.

It’s time for them to go,” Leslie said of the Occupiers.

…A police officer who was posted at the perimeter of the park for seven days said he would be attending the Monday event out of uniform, “as a protester and fed-up New Yorker.”

“After speaking with many of them, I realize they are unemployable takers,” he said, asking that his name not be used. “They just want to be able to tell their friends, ‘Hey, I was there.’ There is no leader, no voice. They have money in the bank but can’t agree on using it and no one knows who controls it.

I’m sick of it. Fed up like everyone else.

Our own little cadre of Pensacola Occupiers are “fighting” to stay at City Hall ~ yes, that’s where the douchey, no-spine City Council let them MOVE their tents, instead of telling them to grow up and go away, like any OTHER citizens would have been forced to do.

But the special children cling on. And their enablers let them, so we’ll see what happens after this weekend. If somebody grows a pair and if a temper tantrum ensues. One hopes not, but it should never have been allowed to fester this long anyway.

For a palate cleanser, imagine Steven Crowder. Now imagine that sweet face as it got snarly with an Occupy Denver type rude enough to attempt a crash of BlogCon11 and then accuse CROWDER…of violence.

Yes. I got it right here.


H/T The Blaze.

Good Heavens!

Could these be actions taken in Hastings or a well thought out survival strategy?

Bankrupt Brokerage Firm MF Global Fires 1,066 Workers

(Sorry…couldn’t resist.)

Thanks Vets

We can never say it enough.

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