We Need More People Like This

They buried Mr. Hariri in Beirut.

All sects join in mourning
In a sign of Hariri’s popularity and his ability to reach across Lebanon’s often-volatile divisions, Sunni Muslim clerics, Druse leaders in white turbans and ordinary Lebanese Shiites and Christians all marched in the funeral. Hariri, credited with rebuilding post-civil war Lebanon, was a Sunni Arab.

Breaking with Islamic tradition, hundreds of weeping women waving white handkerchiefs joined men in the march.(emphasis mine)

In my humble opinion, there can never be enoughbreaking with Islamic tradition…

What am I missing here?

The headline states “Gays Debate Radical Steps to Curb Unsafe Sex.” The article says these radical steps center on…condom use.
I’m sorry, but how fucking stupid (and “stupid fucking,” obviously) are these people? Using a condom during gay sex (or any non-monogamous relationship frankly) is radical? As the Man says, read the rest of the article for examples of asinine thought and behavior.

Ken Summers, Get Thee A

Minivan for some of that extreme driving action!

Ambulance Chasers in Boats

Bastards, but you knew it was coming. Funny how they don’t give a poo about the asian victims, though; only the Europeans.

It’s Time to Come Clean

In the interest of full disclosure and to spare my loved ones public humiliation, I need to be honest with The Public:
1) I have no friends named “Darcy”
2) I have never rented a home called “Netherfield”
3) I did not have sex with that Bennett woman.
I deeply regret any confusion I may have caused.

My Valentine’s Day Story

We all can point to one moment in our lives when the world comes crashing down, all of our sugar plum illusions are dashed, and flaming embers are placed in our bowels. Generally this is a good thing, the earlier it happens, as it’s all part of ‘growing up’ and maturing.
And if you happen to be in High School at the time, it can also lead to the writing of some awfully bad poetry…

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The Westminster Dog Show


will be wearing his finest and watching the Black Labs get dissed yet again. He’s hoping his cousin Claude handles the disappointment with grace and good humor. It’s so hard on the young and idealistic.
On the other hand, Miss Boo (the Scottish Terror) could give a rat’s ass about any of it.
Dog shows are for cupcakes” she says.
A real dog won, Praise Jesus.

September 11th Fantasies Rebuffed

Tim Blair has a link up to an important Popular Mechanics article which puts the lie to many of the September 11th Fantasy lies that abound on the internet; well, it does at least if one is a thinking creature. Go read it, and remind yourself again why we fight.
Personal note: I work in Manhattan, just a few blocks fron the WTC. I saw both planes. I saw everything (except, thank God, I was not close enough to see people jump…but I know of at least one friend of mine who was a jumper) and I have no patience for people who indulge in these thoughts. None.

Great read from Varifrank…

that I agree with. And I agree that it is a culture problem, as the business I work in does much telecommuting, but they are still leery of having you out of their sight/grip/reach, at least on the service side, which I am. They allow our sales (to an degree) and our IT (also, to a degree) people to telecommute, but I would love to see it happen. Shoot, with what I saved in gas, I could afford that 635csi I have been wanting….

Well, Duh!

Like this is any surprise. The real question is, why are they now all of a sudden coming clean? I suspect, that things in Pyongyang may be worse than what we have seen signs of, and this is a warning to stay out. A wounded rattler is still deadly, but I suspect that ol’ Kim is losing the reigns of power, if he has any left. I mean shoot, his mistresses can’t even be protected by him. I am not sure how soundly I would be sleeping in Seoul these days.

Reformation or Enlightenment?

Arthur Chrenkoff has a very interesting article on what the Islamic world needs to join the modern world. The big question is can they do it? I don’t really know, but I do fear that regardless of the outcome it will be a bloody process.

If you must dress as a Star Wars character…

for gosh sakes ban the cameras.
Some of the photo captions are priceless.

NJ to Tax 401k?

This is outrageous. As my wife so clearly said this morning, “They are taxing our retirement savings to support their profligacy.”

More Ward Churchill

Marc Cooper has an excellent post up in which he quotes, hell, reproduces an essay from Swarthmore history professor Timothy Burke. Go read it. While I’m pretty sure I don’t agree with their politics I do agree with their analysis (aside from the pathetic shots at Glenn Reynolds) of the problem that Churchill represents for academe.

Ward Update 2

Powerline is all over this like a cheap corduroy blazer…

Hmm, how’d the Patriots’ fans celebrate?

“A local was reported as saying that the man was on medication and should not have been drinking.”
Gee, y’think?

Chair of the Department

There is one common misconception on this whole Ward Churchill brouhaha that I’d like to clear up: being chair of the department is not “the pinnacle of the faculty” as Horowitz alleges. In fact, in many departments no one wants to be chair because the Chair has to deal with all the bureaucratic issues, scheduling issues and faculty issues that arise. To the layman it sounds impressive, but to the academic, the serious academic, it is a lot more work that only succeeds in getting folks (i.e. your colleagues, generally) mad at you.

Scam Reply Hall of Fame

As promised below, the Watchful Babbler was kind enough to send me his scam-reply-to-end-all-scam replies:

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Ward Update

Insta has an important update on the Ward Churchill mess, and to me it really cuts to the heart of the issue that I discussed below: should this guy ever have gotten tenure in the first place? If universities, and the folks that work there, want to be taken seriously on ‘issues’ by the public at large then they really need to take seriously whom they hire. Do they want serious scholars/excellent teachers or do they want to hire folks that satisfy preconceived political notions that they have?
In other words, colleges need to decide what their purpose is. If they want be known where students learn, then they need to tenure good scholars who are excellent teachers. If they want to be known as places where knowledge is pursued, then they need to tenure excellent scholars who are good teachers. Either of these in my mind is the road they should travel, and they are not mutually exclusive, obviously. If they want to be known as politicized, irrelevant institutions they can tenure folks like whom Ward Churchill seems to be.
And let’s see where the parents decide to spend their dollars.

China’s New Reactors

An interesting technology.
But why do I keep hearing in my mind Paging Steve McQueen! Paging Steve McQueen!?

Why I love that girl

Andrea Harris nails another one.

Hope in Persia?

I have a feeling this is how we are going to see real and lasting change in Iran. Just as much of it was the students the first time around, these brave folks are who are really going to make the theocrats get a few more long grey hairs, and hopefully in the end, stretched necks.
Best line:

-Compatriots may dye their right index finger with blue ink in the now well-known sign of “Right of self-determination.”

Currently in my glass 2

Bowmore’s 12 year old Islay
(sorry, I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of it last night)
If you want to find out what Islay is about, this may be a good place to start. A full bodied, peaty whisky that has a nice sweet character. While the peat is strong the sweetness keeps it from being overpowering.

Why does Bush like Tootsie rolls? And what this tells us about how Evul he is

This kind of crap shows how low and desperate the MSM has become. Sadly, this sort of phsycobabble rumor mongering is all too common these days.
The fact that Bush is able to read a Hamilton biography, the Bible and a racy novel and enjoy all of them means that, well, he’s just like me. When the writer says things like
Bush, who was the hard-drinking, hard-partying president of the jock fraternity at Yale, Delta Kappa Epsilon, is also the father of two partying twins
you know you’re in political slanderslam land.
Absolutely disgusting.


Next time you think things are tough, read his story.

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