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Somehow, it just does have the ring of when Shakespeare wrote it, which I guess is not surprising, as it comes from the goobers at a company called Dot Mobile:

Dot mobile, a British mobile phone service aimed at students, says it plans to condense classic works of literature into SMS text messages.

I suppose that they think this will ‘help’ idjit students who haven’t done their assignations cheat recall plot facts during tests. Somehow I can’t imagine instructors who notice 25 kids hunched over their cell phones during an exam not getting a wee bit suspicious.
I reckon the bride’s job is still secure for a little while.

Gettin’ It Done the Old Fashioned Way

Though the American media is slow to report it, U.S. forces are relentlessly destroying Zarqawi’s senior leadership.

A fascinating, encouraging read.

I TOLD Bingley

she wasn’t realit wasn’t real. Just a cyberspace blow-up doll.

Match.com, a unit of IAC/Interactive Corp. (IACI.O: Quote, Profile, Research), is accused in a federal lawsuit of goading members into renewing their subscriptions through bogus romantic e-mails sent out by company employees. In some instances, the suit contends, people on the Match payroll even went on sham dates with subscribers as a marketing ploy.

He’s young. He’ll get over it.

Sounds Like Victor Hugo Wrote This

In France, as elsewhere, these places were built as oases of green, Le Corbusier’s famous streets in the sky, the diametric opposite of the tight lanes and lightless slums from whence the working class emerged blinking into the light of social policy.

Sheer poetry. Excellent piece on France and Britain’s ‘isolated blocks’. As well as a whiff of what stinks in France. One name repeated through decades might explain why it took him twelve days to notice the country going up in flames.

Officially Paris, too, boasts social housing in its centre, much of it in wonderful Beaux Arts buildings. But it is almost exclusively occupied by the friends and mistresses of ministers and mayors, as was so shockingly revealed in the Elf corruption scandals recently and other “affaires” during the time President Jacques Chirac was mayor of Paris.

Le grande frommage is rotten to the curds and whey.

Today’s Excuse for S L O W Blogging

Bingley’s on the road, Crusader has a real job and I’ve got a Gallery Night downtown tonight. That means I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut-off ~ trying to remember where I put that painting, this print and those martini glasses ~ so I can fill my gypsy peddler’s sacks and make a buck. (Schmaybe two.) But there’s always free flowing wine and chocolate to take the edge off meeting the public (and vice versa) for four hours, so hey. I have the best of all worlds.
Later gators!

I Wanna Stay Home and Drink Beer Like the Rest of ‘Em

…but I know I can’t. And that, as a nation, ‘We the PeopleCAN”T. How come these reseachers/poll takers never seem to talk to any of us?

“As the Iraq war has shaken the global outlook of American influentials, it has led to a revival of isolationist sentiment among the general public,” the report said.

This paragraph was a particular surprise…NOT.

Opinion leaders in science, engineering, foreign affairs, academia and the news media are particularly pessimistic that US efforts to establish a stable democracy in Iraq will succeed, with roughly two-thirds believing it will fail. Only military leaders remain strongly optimistic, while 56 per cent of Americans overall agree that success is still possible.

It seems there’s only one ray of sunshine in all those questions…

US faith in the United Nations has also fallen sharply, with only 48 per cent of Americans expressing positive views about the world body, down from 77 per cent four years ago.

WARNING: Not For the Fair or Faint of Heart

Not the pictures (I couldn’t watch; let’s just say ‘contains stills from Al-Qaida videos‘. Bastards.). Certainly not the message (General Patton channels R. Lee Ermy).

Casino Royale, Three Card Monty Style

On MSNBC.com right now, a story about lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s efforts on behalf of some LA and MS tribes who also run casinos. They wanted a closed party and greased some serious palms trying to keep it that way.
Jeez, I wish I’d known about it! I’ve got tons of paper and pencils, with nothin’ but time.

Dear Sec. Norton ~
I love your hair. Coincidentally, I also love westerns. In my extensive research, I have noticed that most of the IndiNative Americans’ antipathy comes from drinking and gambling (witness the “Hekawi Indians”, who were well documented in the epic PBS series “F-Troop”). Therefore, it’s my conclusion that they don’t need to do any more of it. So I agree with Senator Reid. Make sure everyone knows I wrote you.
Sign me: ‘Sister, Tree Hugging’
(with two e’s, so’s they get the ‘pay to the order of’ right)

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Voters’ Remorse

But with the exception of the specific timeline language on the end, it was still very much the same resolution. And if you went back and read it, and a lot of us did, it still did…there were intimations in there about ’06, and I think it just did do exactly what we shouldn’t be doing right now, and that is telegraphing to the terrorists that if you mess with us long enough, that we’re going to go away.

-Senator John Thune of South Dakota on Hugh Hewitt yesterday, about the smackdown Republicans senators are receiving about the Warner-Frist vote.
More and more, I see Bill Frist as an ineffectual gooberhead presidential wanna-be, with the spine of a banana slug. “WHOOPS ~ DO OVER!” doesn’t cut it when troops are in the field, dying in that snake-pit every day for a war the United States Senate authorized.
Swill Salute to The Radio Blogger.

Science at a Higher Level

Pressures Produced When Penguins Pooh — Calculations on Avian Defaecation
-Victor Benno Meyer-Rochow of International University Bremen, Germany and the University of Oulu, Finland; and Jozsef Gal of Loránd Eötvös University, Hungary

Ig Nobel receipients for FLUID DYNAMICS. I believe we (or someone we know) covered the award for…

MEDICINE: Gregg A. Miller of Oak Grove, Missouri, for inventing Neuticles — artificial replacement testicles for dogs

…but I hadn’t seen the entire list of laureates until now. If you have been similarly deprived: voilá.


“Someone has to guard the wall to keep the demons out; that’s what the Marines do. Marines own the wall.”
Major General Ronald G. Richard
United States Marine Corps (Ret.)
Distinguished Marines Stamp Unveiling Ceremony
Oklahoma City National Memorial
November 10, 2005

A Swill Salute to Sgt. Grit.

Headline of the Day

France back to normal after rioting

Oh, great.


A Miami jury has ordered Ford Motor Company to pay more than $61 million (yes, you read that right) to the family of a 17 year old boy killed in a roll-over accident.

Ford was liable in the accident because it sold a vehicle with poor handling and stability, the jury said Tuesday

The title I used for this post? The horrified reaction was NOT engendered by the award amount, but by the determination of liability. “Poor handling and stability” is a common result REGARDLESS of the vehicle…

when his friend feel asleep while driving an Explorer.

The vehicle manufacturer is responsible because the SUV won’t drive itself if you’re asleep? I know, I know: “cruise control”.
This STUFF is outta control.

What He Said

“We as a state have created unrealistic expectations among the populace,” Salade said. “I’m getting fed up with the people who are fed up.”
-Wayne Salade, Charlotte County’s emergency management director

On individual responsibility for hurricane preparedness.

Note to Self

Never leave the Scottie and the keys unattended in the same vehicle again.

Say a Little Prayer

…for a warm.bed They’re opening what shelters they have in AL and MS. We’re going to be in the low 30’s tonight and tomorrow night and they’re forecasting 28º for Friday’s low. There are thousands of Katrina and Rita’s victims ~ those who lost their homes and volunteers still onsite helping, bless their hearts ~ who are sleeping in pop-up and garrison tents. Even on the Rotarian site, it says the priority is “Pakistan”. This may be the “South”, but it gets damn cold here. Damn cold.
When you crank up that thermostat tonight, remember how lucky you are.

WaitWaitWait WAIT!!!

I thought there was cannibalism and MURDER most foul run amok DURING Katrina?

New Orleans Has First Post-Katrina Slaying
A woman was stabbed to death in what police say is the first slaying in the city since Hurricane Katrina.
…The killing is the 205th for the city this year, compared with 225 by the same time last year, police said. The previous killing in New Orleans was on Aug. 27, two days before the hurricane struck.

Huh. I’m confused.
UPDATE: MSNBC is running that exact same AP story but with this headline:

New Orleans sees first murder since Katrina

“SINCE” Katrina? But the article says it’s since “BEFORE” Katrina. Weird how they left that out, huh?

For Sh*ts and Giggles

…if you’ve the time, inclination and ‘puter speakers.

They really nail them.

Mon Dieu!! France Dans la Réalité

Prepare to le spit your café avec la keyboard et monitor.

A WARM Swill Salute to Moonbattery and Monsieur Van Helsing.

Our Favorite Ultimate Moral Authority

…made front page Drudge again. I am weak and had to click through. (C’mon, I mean it’s been weeks without her!) To my utter satisfaction, I found refreshing proof of media bias in the AP story and can therefore claim I was ‘researching’. My report:

She and more than 300 others were arrested as they gathered near an entrance to the White House grounds. Each carried a board bearing the name of a U.S. soldier killed in Iraq.
The arrests outside the White House concluded a weekend of protests that drew over 100,000 anti-war activists, and a smaller group of counterprotesters. It was the largest anti-war demonstration* since the Vietnam War.

Bushies just can’t rally the base. Probably because we have jobs, like the cops and Park Service that baby sat your loser butts that whole weekend. (*To be as fair as the AP author has been, there hasn’t been a “war” of any duration TO protest since Vietnam. Duh.) A smidge further down…

But dozens of residents in the rural area complained of noise and traffic congestion as the protesters pitched tents in shallow ditches about 2 1/2 miles away from the ranch. Some traffic was from counter protests of hundreds of Bush supporters who said Sheehan’s group was hurting troop morale.
A month later, McLennan County commissioners approved the new ordinances, which prohibit parking on parts of 14 roads near the ranch _ roughly a 5-mile radius _ and prohibit camping in any county ditch. The laws also ban portable toilets in ditches.

So it wasn’t the thousands of Mother Sheehan synchophants, Jesse Jackson followers, Joan Baez and media both national and international that drove the neighbors bonkers; it was the Bushies that broke the camel’s back. I hadn’t realized there were enough normal types there to even be counted from what I saw on the news at the time.

You Can Try to Pry My FishStick From My Cold, Dead Fingers

…but you jack with my middle-schooler and I might just resort to violence, you f*ckin’ loons.

Animal rights group to protest fish-eaters at Brown-Barge Middle
…Immediately after school, at least two representatives of PETA’s national office in Virginia will stand outside the school — one wearing a fish costume — hoping to pass out literature and “Fish Flakes” trading cards aimed at scaring children off fish.
The “Fish Flakes” cards show cartoon renditions of children who experience a whole range of traumas after eating fish.

Or a WHOPPER of a lawsuit for traumatizing my kid. Maybe we could ward them off with some Molotov-Salmon-Sodas? At the very least, some serious Fish Slapping is in order.

Depends What Your Definition of Torture Is

From Newsweek, an eye-opener:

What was approved*
In December 2002, Rumsfeld tentatively approved 16 interrogation techniques for use with “uncooperative” detainees. In April 2003, he rejected much of the December list but noted that if officials wanted to use unapproved methods, they could ask his permission.
Approved Dec. 2002; ‘unapproved’ April 2003
Prolonged standing
Removal of detainees’ clothing
Sensory deprivation
Hooding during questioning
Prolonged interrogations
Using detainee phobias (e.g., dogs) to induce stress
Shaving of beards
Approved Dec. 2002 or April 2003
Good cop/bad cop
Rapid-fire questioning
Grabbing, poking or pushing
Sleep adjustment
Exposing detainee to an unpleasant smell
Never approved
Exposure to cold weather or water
Face slap or stomach slap
“Waterboarding”: use of towel and dripping water to induce misperception of suffocation†
Threat of death to detainees or relatives
Sleep deprivation
*by Rumsfeld

So you can’t shave their ratty-a$$ beards, but you CAN make them sniff Salmon Soda? I’d crack, too. And I love how no one in the MSM feels like they have to be polite and use Pres. or Sec. before an official’s name ~ it’s just Rumsfeld, et al.

Shhhh!! We’ya Hunting Wabbits

“My explanation overall is that when you go somewhere and hire a licensed person to take you on a hunt, you assume that they know the laws and that the State of Wisconsin is regulating them,” Sheriff Ron “Elmer Fudd” McNesby said at a hastily called news conference Tuesday. “… I had no intent to violate the rules of Wisconsin. I will challenge the fact that I intentionally did something wrong.”

‘Splain this then, as Escambia County’s top law enforcement official.

Whitehead and McNesby were charged with hunting deer during closed season and hunting deer over bait. McNesby also was charged with hunting without a license, a charge Whitehead avoided because he obtained a license during a trip the year before.

Your average Joe probably would have asked the guy who’s been there before what else you needed OR, considering the 2 minutes it took me and Major Dad to Google WI hunting regulations, you coulda/shoulda done it your ownself. The Dept. of Nat’l Resources page tells you how much and when you got to stop blasting them. (Which was a before you got there, how ’bout them apples?)

“Elmer” McNesby said Tuesday he has expensive hunting licenses from several states and would have gladly purchased one in Wisconsin if Lawinger had not told him it was unnecessary.
“McNesby apologized … for not getting a license to hunt,” according to an affidavit by conservation warden Michael Nice of the Department of Natural Resources. “He said he should have known better.”
And we’re not done yet…
Concerning the bait charge, McNesby said Tuesday that he did not see bait on the snow.
But, according to Nice’s affidavit, McNesby produced pictures from the trip, one of which showed corn in the snow.
“McNesby stated he thought the corn was for bait,” the affidavit states.


Top 25 Military Friendly Employers

Good stuff!

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Just Because Something Can Be Done…

Doesn’t mean it should be:

Jones Soda, the Seattle company that scored a hit during the last two holiday seasons with its turkey-and-gravy-flavored sodas, said it is offering the orange-hued fish-flavored drink this year in a nod to the Pacific Northwest’s salmon catch.
“When you smell it, it’s got that smoked salmon aroma,” said Peter van Stolk, chief executive of Jones Soda.

And it carries this ringing endorsement from the company’s chief executive:

…van Stolk said: “I cannot finish a bottle, I just can’t.”

I must say it is worth supporting a company with such candor…

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